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Terri Tomlinson

The Flesh Tone Fan®

The Flesh Tone Fan®

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Another amazing tool for understanding color theory in skin!

The Flesh Tone Fan® is a perfect companion to the Flesh Tone Color
Wheel®. Both were created by Terri Tomlinson to use as a guide and
tool for working with color theory in skin and neutral. Where The Flesh Tone
Color Wheel® shows the spectrum of skin tones and helps calculate the
principles of color theory, The Flesh Tone Fan® allows for an up-close,
active and advanced experience for studying color.

A vegan leather strap holds the 12 "blades" of The Flesh Tone Color
Wheel® as individual pieces that can be fanned out and held directly
against the skin. The colors are more subtle and so allow an advanced
study of undertone and neutral.

Use The Fan to determine undertone, see how neutrals look against the
skin, create color stories, choose the perfect wall paint or best brown

Comes in a white cotton bag for safe keeping.
*The fan is shipped unassembled to prevent damage. To put together,
simply unwrap the fan blades and attach to the C ring on the strap.

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