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Tear Puffer

Tear Puffer

Tear Puffer

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The Tear Puffer was designed as a tool to help stimulate tears. Safely and easily control airflow through menthol crystals to generate watery eyes or tears. It is sanitary, discrete, convenient and is easily used by make-up artists or actors. Created by award winning makeup artist Laverne Munroe.

Each Tear Puffer comes with 2 refills of Menthol Crystals, stockings, elastic, and cotton.


  • Hold Puffer 3"- 5" away from the eye.
  • Squeeze the colored bulb to puff air through the menthol crystal filled tube.
  • Repeat until desired tears form.
  • Replace menthol crystals once they become ineffective.

To Re-load:

  • Remove the colored bulb.
  • Empty all contents and wash & dry thoroughly.
  • Apply a small piece of cotton covering the small hole of the tube.
  • This ensures crystals are not puffed into eyes.
  • Fill with menthol crystals leaving room to add cotton to hold crystals in the tube.
  • Cover the opening with stocking and elastic to secure contents.
  • Replace the colored bulb over the tube opening.

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not leave in direct heat.


Discontinue use if eye irritation occurs. Contact physician if needed. Keep out of reach of children.

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