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The Essentials Collection

Nylon Tapered Mascara Wand

Nylon Tapered Mascara Wand

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The Essentials Collection by VERO Professionals. A curated collection of disposables and tools for an artist's kit. 

Large Tapered Head Mascara Wand with a nylon brush tip, great for volumizing and lifting lashes. Two different sides for alternating effects - one side fuller bristles while the other is slightly more sparse.  A mascara wand used for applying mascara or brow products to your client or talent while maintaining product hygiene. This is a disposable wand that is single use, not to be used multiple times.

Eco-friendly FSC® Certified paper handle with a nylon brush tip.

50pcs per bag
Materials: Nylon, SS, FSC® Certified Paper
Size: 4.02 inch (102 mm)

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