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FIXY Makeup

FIXY Makeup Repressing Kit (For Square Pans)

FIXY Makeup Repressing Kit (For Square Pans)

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The beloved FIXY Kit now comes in a version to repress makeup into Square Pans.

  • Fix broken makeup by easily repressing into 3 different size square magnetic makeup pans, perfect for eyeshadows, blush or pressed powders.
  • Depot and downsize your makeup collection.
  • NO color change and NO fragrance added.

Just hand wash and use it again and again.

Patented Technology
Makeup repressing system patented in 2018 after years of research and development.

Need more square makeup pans or FIXY Binder? All sizes are available.

Fixy Kit Contains: Makeup blending box, makeup press, custom pick & scraper, mini brush, grinding tool, 3 small magnetic eyeshadow pans (21mmx21mm), 3 medium magnetic makeup pans (31.5mmx28.5mm), 3 large magnetic makeup pans (41mmx41mm), .68 oz FIXY makeup binding spray, 1 empty magnetic makeup palette with mirror, and visual & written instructions.

Binder Ingredients: Alcohol and Silicone
Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, SLS-Free, Fragrance-Free, Vegan, & No Color Change.
Our binding spray is not full of harmful ingredients and won't irritate your skin.
Dries immediately. No Color Change

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