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Dip 'n Swirl Brush Cleaning Tin

Dip 'n Swirl Brush Cleaning Tin

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Ideal for artists on the move!

  • Air Tight
  • Stainless steel
  • Clip-on lid with a leak-proof seal
  • A removable strainer cup provides a surface to “Dip ‘n Swirl” brushes clean and allows pigment to settle below.

Recommend for use with BeautySoClean® Brush Cleaners.

Directions for use: Pour your favourite no-rinse brush cleaner into the tin, filling it to just above the strainer. Dip your dirty brush into the container and swirl it around with the bristles pressing against the strainer. Squeeze off any excess brush cleaner back into the container. Dry your clean brush by swirling it on a piece of paper towel. Lay your brush flat to dry.

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