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The Essentials Collection

Brow & Lash Comb

Brow & Lash Comb

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The Essentials Collection by VERO Professionals. A curated collection of disposables and tools for an artist's kit. 

This lash comb and brow groomer is a must-have tool for any makeup artist, lash artist or waxing professional. The stainless steel comb is ideal for separating lashes, while the nylon brush can be used for grooming and shaping eyebrows. The stainless comb is also great for brushing through lashes after mascara to smooth any clumps.

Materials: Nylon, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Wood
Size: 7 inch (177.8 mm)

Disclaimer: This tool is for professional use. It is the artist’s responsibility to sterilize and disinfect their tools after purchasing, prior to use on a client. VERO Professionals is not responsible for any lack of hygiene or injury due to improper use by an artist.

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