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Airbrush Cleansing Fluid

Airbrush Cleansing Fluid

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Graftobian's Airbrush Cleansing Fluid is made of 100% SD 40 alcohol. SD 40 alcohol is ideal for cleaning bottles, tubes, and airbrushes after each use.  SD alcohol, or “specially denatured” alcohol, is ethanol that contains a denaturant to make it taste unpleasant. Do not use the cleansing fluid as an airbrush makeup thinning agent.

To use: Spritz into the cup of a cup-fed airbrush with a spray bottle. Then spray the cleansing fluid through the airbrush to remove any remaining make up. Do this immediately between colors and when finished spraying. This prevents color contamination and keeps paint from drying in the gun. Also use this fluid as a soaking agent for clogged nozzles. Soak clogged pieces for a short time then scrub with a cleaning brush to remove makeup. Soak scrubbing brushes or other cleaning tools in fluid to clean the hard-to-reach places in every airbrush gun. 

Due to the variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to the actual product. Use for reference only.

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