About VERO

VERO, from the Latin word verus meaning 'real' or 'true', was created with the working artist in mind.

To build a career as a professional makeup artist requires more than just "makeup". It takes years to understand color theory, diverse anatomy, product and ingredient knowledge, sanitation and infection control, camera and lighting technology, which includes practicing your artistry, skill and technique. At VERO, artists are celebrated for their passion, dedication and growth. Seeking artistry brands from around the world, VERO provides the highest quality products and tools, recognized by artists as industry staples in a professional setting.

The VERO Promise:

Exclusivity – to prioritize artists’ needs and guarantee product availability when needed most
Inclusivity – to welcome all artists, from beginner to intermediate
Diversity – to provide a wide range of products to suit every client or talent that sits in your chair
Inspire – to embrace creative artistry and techniques through product knowledge and brand innovations 


“The truth will set you free. Embrace it, Create it.” – VERO