To my fellow artists,

Working for the last 10 years as a makeup artist in Toronto, I have struggled to find a reliable resource to supply products and tools for my pro kit. There are many incredible artistry brands that are not locally available in Ontario, let alone Canada. While ordering online is an easy option, paying for shipping and duties were added costs that doubled my product prices. Not to mention the limited access to pro artist discounts. 

As professionals, we need access to the right products and tools in a local setting, and at an affordable price. As artists, we need to touch and feel the product to truly experience it firsthand, ensuring it is the right color or formula for the job. I know the demands of the industry, and the everchanging schedules and needs of the business. Which is why we need access to these tools today, so we can get the job done tomorrow. The film industry in Toronto is only getting bigger as more Productions are choosing to work here. The demand for work is here, thus increasing the demand for our tools.

Over the last decade, I have been blessed to meet incredible artists through jobs or our online community. Canada has an amazingly talented and successful community of artists, which is why we deserve an exclusive and dependable retailer. As a fellow artist myself, I know that we need this. Which is why it has become my passion and mission to create the best Pro Store, for all of us.

I am hoping you will join the VERO Community and embark on this new journey with me. 

With love,